The Pollins Law Firm is a Philadelphia area firm that practices labor and employment law. Attorney Scott M. Pollins is a solo practitioner who focuses a large part of his practice on helping clients resolve wage disputes with their employers. He is an experienced Pennsylvania labor law attorney who will fight for your rights both inside and outside the courtroom.

Philadelphia Area Wages Lawyer Scott M. Pollins

Attorney Scott M. Pollins is an experienced labor lawyer with many years of experience protecting the rights of workers in employment disputes. He has successfully represented countless clients in a wide variety of employment law-related cases, including discrimination, harassment, and wage disputes. He has extensive experience representing clients in employee benefits, overtime, and wage/hour cases, and will work hard to resolve your case quickly and effectively.

Wage Disputes

At the Pollins Law Firm, we frequently represent clients facing wage disputes with their employer. Wage disputes arise in a wide variety of circumstances. Employees who are not paid commissions or overtime compensation they are owed, or not paid the correct amount of wages, may have a viable wage claim against their employer.

We represent the rights of those who have not been compensated adequately according to their employment agreement. Employees in a wage dispute with their employer often face an uphill battle. That is why you need an experienced labor attorney on your side to explain your rights and options.

Attorney Scott M. Pollins has the necessary skill and experience to thoroughly explain your rights and answer your questions. He will evaluate your case and explain which options are best for achieving your goals. He works closely with each of his clients to develop a personal relationship and to understand all the details of your case. As an experienced practitioner of labor law, he knows that no two cases are exactly the same. That is why he develops personalized legal advice and strategies for every client with the goal of favorably resolving their case.

At the Pollins Law Firm, we are dedicated to communicating with our clients. We know that our clients want to stay informed when there are important developments in their case. Our attorney and staff are committed to answering all queries in a timely manner. Our experienced employment lawyer will take the time to make sure your questions are answered and that you thoroughly understand what is happening with your case.

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At the Pollins Law Firm, we have the knowledge, resources, and skill to successfully resolve your wage dispute. We are dedicated to communicating with our clients, keeping them informed, and ensuring that their questions are answered. Attorney Scott M. Pollins is an aggressive advocate for his clients who will protect their rights through tough negotiation and litigation. He has the necessary experience to provide the high-quality legal advice you need to obtain the compensation you have already earned. Contact our Philadelphia area office today to schedule a consultation with labor and employment attorney Scott M. Pollins.