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When you have a dispute with your employer, you may feel that you do not know how to advocate for yourself, or even that you cannot advocate for yourself if you want to be able to keep your job. An experienced employment attorney can provide you with clear, compelling, and creative legal advice that can help you resolve the situation to your benefit. Attorney Scott M. Pollins, a Philadelphia-based lawyer with over 10 years of experience, can successfully handle your cases of commission disputes to provide meaningful relief.

Practice Area

With a law office in downtown Philadelphia, Attorney Scott M. Pollins sees clients throughout southeastern, central and northeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland. Attorney Pollins counsels workers who have concerns about contracts, unpaid commissions, or missing wages, and provides employment advice to workers at all levels. Attorney Pollins also represents workers who have been wrongfully terminated, face discrimination or harassment at work, need medical accommodation in the workplace, need protection from retaliation, or have other employment concerns. With more than 10 years of legal experience, Attorney Pollins believes in helping to create great futures for all clients and their families. Whether you are a teenager with your first real job, or a C-level executive who has had a long and successful career, an experienced attorney can help you resolve work-related conflicts to your satisfaction. Resolving work-related problems can alleviate stress and anxiety, improve your day-to-day quality of life, and improve your career.

How a Philadelphia Area Commission Disputes Lawyer Can Help

As a contract or commission employee, you are subject to a different set of rules than other staff members. If you are unpaid or underpaid, you are legally entitled to the funds that you earned on your job. Yet getting your employer to pay you earned wages, commissions, or overtime can feel like an uphill battle. Too much fighting and you may feel that you will lose your job. In times like this, a creative and compassionate attorney can advocate for you, counsel you, and help you resolve the issue to your satisfaction. An experienced lawyer will listen to you, discuss possible outcomes, and help to develop a creative solution to your problems so that you can have the outcome you deserve and move on with your life. An attorney can help you advocate for yourself in a court of law, bring your case to trial, or mediate with your employer. This can help you to feel more self confidence and more power when you are in a period of crisis over your lost or unpaid commission, and to enjoy a victory.

If you have a work-related concern, you don’t need to go it alone. A determined lawyer can help you obtain the outcome you seek through the courts of law. To learn more about employment-related legal services, or to schedule a free consultation and learn how the Pollins Law Firm can help you seek legal recourse, schedule a free consultation today.