The Pollins Law Firm is a labor and employment law firm located in Swarthmore, PA. The firm serves clients located in the Philadelphia area and across the state of Pennsylvania. The firm also represents clients in New Jersey and Maryland. Attorney Scott M. Pollins is the founder of the Pollins Law Firm. He focuses a large part of his practice to representing clients who are facing discrimination in the workplace. He is an experienced labor lawyer who has helped many clients protect their rights against unscrupulous employers. He is an aggressive advocate for his clients who offers personalized, high-quality legal advice that is efficient and effective.

Philadelphia Area Discrimination Lawyer Scott M. Pollins

Scott M. Pollins has been practicing labor and employment law for more than a decade. During his time as a labor lawyer, he has gained the necessary experience, knowledge, and skill to provide his clients with the legal advice they need to confront their employer and defend their rights. He has successfully represented a wide range of clients, from people in their first jobs to high-level executives, in many employment disputes, including harassment, discrimination, and wrongful termination. At the Pollins Law Firm, we are ready to provide the legal advice you need to achieve your goals and favorably resolve your employment law dispute.


At the Pollins Law Firm, we assist people who have been discriminated against at their current or former employer. The consequences of discrimination can take many different forms: wrongful termination and discharge, failure to hire or promote, or unfair discipline.

Federal and state labor laws govern employer practices, and there are serious consequences for employers who violate these laws. Employees who have been the victim of discrimination in the workplace often feel helpless or confused about how to protect their rights. At the Pollins Law Firm, we provide focused legal advice for each of our clients. We take the time to listen to your story and understand every detail of your case. We then discuss the merits of your case and your options for moving forward. We provide our clients with a detailed strategy and road map for their case with the goal of resolving your dispute favorably, efficiently, and effectively.

At the Pollins Law Firm, our attorney and staff are dedicated to ensuring that our clients fully understand their rights and available options. We take the time to thoroughly answer all questions and keep our clients informed of any developments in their case from start to finish.

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At the Pollins Law Firm, we aim to provide high-quality representation to clients facing discrimination and other employment-related disputes in the workplace. Attorney Scott M. Pollins has the necessary experience and skill to protect your rights both inside and outside the courtroom. He is an aggressive advocate for each of his clients who will provide the high-quality legal advice you need to protect your rights. Contact our Swarthmore office today to schedule a consultation with experienced discrimination attorney Scott M. Pollins.