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When you are struggling with a work-related topic, it can be helpful to get unbiased advice from an attorney who is experienced with the intricacies of Pennsylvania law regarding employees’ rights. Philadelphia-based Attorney Scott M. Pollins has more than 10 years of experience handling employment law cases and can provide employment guidance and advice for workers at all levels. Learn how an employment attorney can help you through a challenging time by scheduling a free consultation today.

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Attorney Scott M. Pollins maintains a law office in downtown Philadelphia and represents clients in southeastern, central and northeastern Pennsylvania, as well as New Jersey and Maryland. He represents clients in matters pertaining to employment law, including employment guidance and employment advice, review of employee agreements, legal aid for unpaid wages, protection for retaliation or whistleblowers, protection against harassment in the workplace, and workplace discrimination. It can be challenging to understand what legal rights you have at work, let alone ask for any sort of help or accommodation in the workplace. A lawyer can help you understand the rights to which you are entitled as an employee, and advocate for you and with you so that you get the services to which you are entitled under the law. The Pollins Law Firm welcomes clients of all ages, from executives to teenagers entering the workplace for the first time, who have any type of legal need regarding employment issues. The firm has also worked with many employees who need some type of accommodation regarding medical services in terms of helping those employees access the things they need to perform their job.

How a Philadelphia Area Employment Guidance Lawyer Can Help

As an employee of a large or a small business, you can experience a lot of stress and unhappiness when things go wrong in the workplace. When things sour, it can be difficult to cope. If you have any type of workplace concern, from wrongful termination to uncertainty over the terms of a noncompete agreement, having an experienced attorney review the issue with you can restore your confidence and your good faith. In the worst case, when you need to file a lawsuit against a current or a former employer, it is essential to have an attorney in your court if you wish to obtain a favorite outcome and closure regarding your situation. An attorney can help you to realize a great future for yourself and your family, give you the self confidence you need to advocate for yourself at work so that you can stand up for yourself and obtain the outcome that you deserve.

The Pollins Law Firm welcomes anyone in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Maryland who needs legal services regarding employment concerns. We offer a free new client consultation that allows you to air your grievances to an attorney who understands and learn how Attorney Pollins can help seek resolution for your specific concerns. Call 610-896-9909 to schedule your consultation today.