Scott M. Pollins

State and Federal labor laws define certain relationships between employers and employees, to ensure fair and beneficial treatment of all parties. The Pollins Law Firm, Swarthmore, PA, offers all who are concerned about employment law and employee rights their exceptional base of experience in this area of labor laws. We work with employers as well as employees, to help them get past employment law disputes and move forward to great futures. Our firm’s commitment is to provide each client with the individual attention, time and legal support they need to get the best results possible from their case.

Pollins Law Firm

Since 1999, Attorney Scott M. Pollins has served the people of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland who were experiencing legal issues that involve Employment Law and related matters. Scott devoted 12 years to his own solo practice before joining the Philadelphia law firm of Willig, Williams & Davidson, a leading labor and employment law firm. In September, 2014, he re-opened his own law practice, the Pollins Law Firm, in Swarthmore, PA.

The firm offers a full range of employment and labor law client services, including excellent legal representation to deal with the following matters and more:

  • Employment Advice – for Employers and Employees
  • Discrimination
  • Harassment and Hostile Work Environment
  • Retaliation and Whistleblower
  • Review of Severance/Separation, Non-compete and Employment Agreements
  • Unpaid Overtime, Wages, Commissions

Attorney Scott M. Pollins

When Attorney Scott M. Pollins works with clients on employment law issues, his efforts are focused upon empowering those clients through his knowledge and efficient, effective and creative lawyer skills. He works with people of all ages, from teens to seniors, who are experiencing employee rights problems at a current or former job. He also helps employers meet requirements of state and Federal labor laws. His goals are to help clients obtain excellent results, restore their self-confidence and find creative solutions to difficult legal matters that center on the workplace.

Philadelphia Area Employee Rights Advocate

Employers and employees have specific state-mandated and Federal Employment Law rights. Our Philadelphia area employee rights advocate will help you stand up for your rights, obtain justice and if you are an employer, create a workplace that meets labor law standards and reduces your liability potential.

When people have problems at their job, with illegal discrimination, harassment or unfair wage and benefit issues, it can disrupt entire lives, causing stress, anxiety and family problems. Employees need protection from illegal workplace practices, from pre-employment interviews to post-employment payment of wages owed. Attorney Scott M. Pollins has helped hundreds of clients find solutions, collect compensation and win their cases through mediation, arbitration and, when needed, dedicated and aggressive litigation in the courtroom.

Get the full benefits you are entitled to receive as an employee; provide a workplace that meets labor law requirements as an employer. Contact the Pollins Law Firm, in Swarthmore, PA, to discuss your labor and employment law matters in confidence today. Call Attorney Scott M. Pollins, Attorney at Law, for help today, at (610) 896-9909.